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In Part 1 of this series on Draining the Swamp, my main focus was on the NFL, with its protesters disrespecting the National Anthem, and by extension our flag, our military and our Republic.

Part 2 focused on a speech George W. Bush gave, in which he said: “We cannot wish globalism away,” which, since he is a committed Globalist, he would not want to happen. I also talked of the Independence Movement in Catalonia, as an example of the desire for less concentration of power, and more local control. In other words decentralization, which is the opposite of globalism.

Included in Part 2 was a video done by Project Veritas, showing the complete hypocrisy and deception of the New York Times.

The Swamp is big, and contains many swamp creatures. In this article I will concentrate on the swamp that is Hollywood. I asked the question: “So, how do we combat them? (The swamp creatures) By the power of the purse, and the power of the light shining on the darkness they promote.”

The disgusting behavior of Harvey Weinstein is being exposed for all the world to see, and his fall from the heights of power has been swift, as those who formerly praised him, and called him friend, have attacked like a group of jackals, as they rush to save themselves.

But Harvey Weinstein is not the only swamp creature in Hollywood, as more victims continually come forward with accusations against other powerful men.

It is not just the “casting couch” behavior that permeates Hollywood, however. The ugly shadow of pedophilia casts a dark pall on the glitter of Tinsel Town.

From PJ Media:

For years, actor Corey Feldman has argued that Hollywood has a very serious issue: pedophilia. He is a victim of abuse himself. As a child actor, he and his fellow ’80s star Corey Haim suffered tremendously because of pedophiles in powerful positions. According to Feldman, Haim started using drugs to cope with this trauma. As most people know, drug addiction eventually killed him.

There is a dark sickness that envelops Hollywood. It is time to cleanse it of the sexual depredation and pedophilia that is being exposed.

The question becomes, how can it be cleansed? By using the power of the purse. It is time to say NO to Hollywood, and to demand that it cleanse itself. Not a superficial cleansing, but a thorough cleansing. The actors, directors, producers and studio moguls must come totally clean in admitting the depravity that is Hollywood. They must remove not just the depraved persons, but also those who have consented to the depravity by remaining silent. Silence in the face of evil is consent.

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux discusses his decision to boycott Hollywood.

Why I’m Breaking Up With Hollywood

If the Hollywood Swamp is to be drained, the power of the purse must be employed. Starve the beast, until real changes are made. It is not just Harvey Weinstein who needs to be sacrificed.

It is time to stop going to Hollywood movies. It is time to boycott their products.

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