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There is an old saying: You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

The same can be said of learning. A child can be forced to attend school, but you can’t force that child to learn. A child will learn what they want to learn. It is the child that learns, it is not the teacher that teaches. The teacher assists in the learning process.

Consider, if you will, that babies learn to walk and speak on their own, not by teaching. Parents assist the baby, but the baby learns to do it because he/she wants to walk or speak. They want to be mobile, or to communicate.

Education, of any type, is a process of learning that cannot be forced. Yet, in today’s “educational system” we call schools, that is precisely what is being attempted. Children are forced to attend schools, where they are dictated the things to be taught and the time and manner in which they are to be taught. The child, the supposed learner, has no say in this. A child may, or may not, learn something in this environment. It is a hit or miss situation, because the basic ingredient of the desire to learn is missing from the equation.

I can honestly say that I learned very little from my 12 years of public schooling. I could read before I entered school, and was a voracious reader from the time I learned to read. My parents and siblings helped me learn more about math and science than any of teachers did. Schooling, for me, was basically a waste of time. That wasted time robbed me of the chance to explore things I was interested in.

Meanwhile, the regimentation and indoctrination they were constantly shoving down my throat caused me to distrust the very authoritarian institutions I was being indoctrinated to submit to. I became a rebel, watching the supposed authority figures carefully, and usually rejecting what they proposed. I took from them only what I valued, which wasn’t much.

Most students become rebels in their own manner. Some are openly rebellious, while others are silent rebels, because they see what is being done to them. One size does not fit all, though the authorities would have us believe it is so. Students recognize that something is wrong. Some sense the source, while others don’t. Still, they all see that something is wrong.

I remember quite clearly the brainwashing of the “experts”. A teacher with a Phd. was said to be an “expert”, yet I had two teachers in high school with Phds who I considered fools, lacking all common sense. Throughout my life I have met many so-called “experts”, who I would put in the same category.

The establishment proclaims people to be “experts”, who go through a specified number of years of schooling, taking specified courses, who regurgitate facts on tests, and who lack critical thinking. They merely regurgitate the memes and theories they were force fed throughout their indoctrination. Nothing more. They merely follow the course that was given to them. These are “experts”? No thank you. I will decide for myself who is an expert on anything.

Forced schooling, which is nothing but indoctrination, is destroying America, and the world. Education should be about learning to think for oneself, with critical skills, not about indoctrination. Once the skills of reading, writing, public speaking and critical thinking are learned, any student can learn anything they have a desire to learn. That is the one fact that the “schooling establishment” won’t admit. Schools are not necessary, and in fact are detrimental to learning. Schooling crushes the desire to learn, which is one of the reasons we have schools in the first place.

A free society values knowledge, not subservient, indoctrinated citizens. A free society values the free interaction of ideas. Forced schooling is the antithesis of freedom.

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