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This will undoubtedly come to the attention of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has already ordered an investigation into this prosecution, and the principle’s involved.

by Shari Dovale   1-8-2018

Today is a day that will go down in the history books as a great victory for the common man.

The Bunkerville Standoff trial is a battle that has been waged for nearly 4 years. 19 men were incarcerated for nearly two years. Several mistrials later, the world has seen the corruption in our country’s judicial system.

And Judge Gloria Navarro has seen it as well.

Navarro declared the trial to be dismissed with prejudice today against 4 defendants. Cliven Bundy, 2 of his sons, Ammon and Ryan, as well as Ryan Payne will not be tried again on the multiple charges from the protest held in April 2014.

The court found that the prosecution committed multiple flagrant Brady violations that a new trial would not fix. The defendants rights were egregiously violated and the only remedy was to let them go home.

Navarro rebuked and chastised AUSA Steven Myhre, and team, repeatedly in her ruling. She found that the prosecution willfully failed to produce Brady material for the defense. She cited the 55 page motionthe prosecution filed recently and sounded offended when she talked of their minimizing the violations, calling it “disingenuous”.

She also stated that it was “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct”. Knowing that the majority of violations could be traced back to the FBI, she clearly stated that the prosecution had a duty to learn of all the evidence and disclose it.

This will undoubtedly come to the attention of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has already ordered an investigation into this prosecution, and the principle’s involved.

Today’s hearing was packed, with approximately 100 spectators, including media in the courtroom. About 50 people were left in the hallway due to running out of seats. There were additional dozens waiting outside for the ruling to be announced.

A notable point today was that there were at least 8 jurors from this case in the courtroom to hear the ruling They had been released from the case on December 20th, yet had become vested in the outcome of the trial.

After the jurors had been released, it was reported they talked to attorneys and indicated they were aware of problems in the government case, and were not inclined to convict, had the case gone to deliberations.

The crowd went wild when Cliven Bundy made his appearance outside the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse. Enjoy the video below taken live as he was released.

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