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There’s something interesting about the Washington Post’s false smear of 200 news sites as being “Russian propaganda”.

Specifically, the Post actually attacked a more popular news source …

Specifically, in July of this year, the Washington Post had 369,476,000 combined pageviews … and the number of visits from Facebook was down 26% from the first quarter in 2016:

postThe number on the left is the important one:  Combined Page-Views.  The middle number is Desktop Facebook Visits,  and the right number is Change in Facebook Visits Q1 Versus Q2.

Drudge, on the other hand, had combined pageviews of 1,472,220,000 … and its Facebook visits were up 50% from Q1:


To be fair, the Washington Post also has a print edition. Its circulation is around 474,767  daily, with a Sunday edition circulation of 838,014.

So let’s add it up …

WaPo had total impressions in July 2016 of:

  • 369,476,000 (web impressions)
  • Plus [6 (daily editions per week) times 4 (weeks in a month) times 474,767 (daily edition newspaper circulation)]
  • Plus [4 (Sunday editions per month) times 838,014 (Sunday newspaper circulation)]

Equals 384,222,464 total impressions.

Bottom line: Drudge had over a billion more impressions than the Post in July (1,472,220,000 minus 384,222,464 = 1,087,997,536).

Put another, way, WaPo only had 26.1% of the impressions Drudge did in July.

Postscript:  Is this the classic behavior of a sore loser?  

For example, when political candidates start sinking in the polls, they often desperately attack the leader to try to generate enough controversy to try to regain relevance and kick-start interest in their campaigns.

Note: Some of the other sites on the red-baiting blacklist cited by the Post also have impressive numbers, although below those of the Post. But added together, the impressions of the site on the list leave the Post even further behind.

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