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And if some of us say “No”…?

One of Parkland’s teenage gun-grabbers, Emma González, has called for ‘[r]emoving the assault and semi-automatic weapons from our Civilian society, instituting thorough background checks and mandatory waiting periods (and raising the buying age and banning the production of high-capacity magazines” via a Sunday tweet.

She’s received 30.000 “likes” from her useful idiot followers for that as of this writing. So much for no one is talking about taking anyone’s guns.

She was following up on another tweet commenting on Sunday’s Waffle House shooting, where someone authorities had already confiscated guns from had no problem going on a shooting rampage.

“The local police say a man at the scene wrestled his gun away – looks like you don’t need to arm a teacher (or a resource officer) to stop a shooting,” González opined. “There goes the sales pitch for @SmithWessonCorp.”

Well hell. There goes the argument for armed police and armed soldiers, too.

Leave it to Opposite Day “progressives” to hail such immature naiveté, not to mention bad manners, as wisdom and visionary leadership. Fortunately, the louder and more obnoxious these armband-wearing children get, the more people are noting the reality about them – as opposed to their media-managed image.

All those in favor of Cuban-style citizen disarmament, raise your right hand!

Here’s the thing about this González ingrate – her father came here ostensibly seeking more freedom than he had in Castro’s Cuba, the communist tyrant who, upon winning power with guns, disarmed those not acting as enforcers for his regime with the chilling question:

¿Armas para que?

And she demands our disarmament while wearing a Cuban flag.

And if our answer is “No? Your move?”

Here’s a question for González and the rest of her band of Time Magazine cover “honorees” demanding Americans surrender what founder Tench Coxe (whom they probably were never taught about in History class) called “the birthright of an American”:

How many citizens who refuse to disarm are you willing to see agents of the state kill in order to impose your demands?

Any bets there aren’t those who would respond “All of you”…?  And that any less than that wouldn’t be “Enough“?


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