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One of my simple pleasures in life is reading the Daily Post, which is Palo Alto’s own little daily newspaper. It’s a morning tradition for me to walk the dogs, grab the (free) paper from a newstand, and read it during my pre-dawn breakfast.

On yesterday’s paper, this photo and caption on the front page caught my eye:


As I’ve said in posts before, it baffles me that criminals still pull stuff like this, since in our highly-surveyed society, there is going to be a high-quality color photo of you for all to see, whether you rob a bank or steal packages off someone’s porch.

Anyway, sure enough, here is this item from the paper the very next day:


So apparently this criminal genius stole cash from a bank and, using the spanking new $100 bills, went on a little shopping spree. And for those of you not as well-acquainted with downtown Palo Alto as I am, allow me to illustrate the vast distance separating (1) the bank he just robbed and (2) the shoe store at which he made the aforementioned purchase.


Yep. It’s one whole block away.

So my message to the petty thieves out there who happen to read my little financial blog: just don’t bother. Or, better yet, how about make an inquiries at any of the dozens upon dozens of businesses downtown with signs that are just BEGGING for help in their kitchens, stockrooms, or delivery vehicles? There is a TON of work available out there, and being a complete dumbshit like the fellow above, and being thrown in jail for a few years, is just fuckin’ retarded.

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