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Counter-Protest Driving-Gabe Suarez-Part 2

Continuing on the pivotal discussion a few days ago, on counter protest driving, I want to further elaborate some points and add a few new ones.  Look at the lead image here.  This was a vehicle that was not interested in the plight of the modern snowflake, did not care about some urban thug shot by the police, nor any of the nonsense that permeates the “protest culture”.  They edged forward moving, not ramming, and at some point, simply drove away.  That is the simplest solution to this.  One comment asked what would happen if one of these people decided to throw themselves under your tires.  The answer is simple…you cannot see down there so how would you know?

But moving on.

So avoiding these is still the wisest course.  Not because we care for the right of the militant liberals to interfere with your day (us caring about their rights at this point is laughable), but simply because it is a hassle and potentially a life threatening event.  So not being there is the best option.  How do we do that?  Study your environment.  Know where you are going and know of at least three alternative routes.  This is easy to accomplish on your home ground, and can be done when traveling by simply taking a few moments and scanning the GPS map before setting out.  Having a traveling companion riding shotgun that can give directions on the fly is an asset as well.

Consider that most of these urban terrorists and militant liberals do not have jobs, and that the timing of these “peace marches” is rarely at the early hours of a commute.  Usually we have seen these in the latter part of the day or in the evening commute rush hour (how better to inconvenience the most working people).  Keeping an eye on the news while at work, or checking it on your smartphone regularly is a good idea as these will not “suddenly appear out of nowhere”.  Again, alternate routes, and if that is not possible, stay at work a little longer…go get some food…or go to the gym without traveling through the contested area.

When driving, always take the lane that offers you an out.  Look at this image with the precious snowflakes all handcuffed together.  The two cars in the center lanes are more or less boxed in, but not the cars in the outer lanes.  You cannot always drive in one of these but be ready to cut off a passive driver and achieve positioning if you see that there is drama ahead.  In the case pictured above it is an easy matter for the outside cars to simply drive ahead at 5-10 mph and ever so gently nudge the chained snowflake out of the way.  Thus the white car at the outer lane can simply drive right at the protestor at the extreme right of the photo, and in essence scrape them off the side of the road and into his fellow snowflakes.

When driving and specially when stopped, keep room between you and the front vehicle to allow you to maneuver.  A good rule is to be able to see the license plate of the car in front.  But worst case, you can push them out of your way in a pinch if you need to move and they are frozen in indecision.

This is still at the non-violent stage.  But things turn quickly when the mob mentality has taken over.  Think of a mob like a pack of rabid dogs and you are a rabbit in a shoe box in the middle of them.  Not good.  Here are some images to get you thinking about the possibilities.

Hitting your car with a weapon is a deadly force attack.  You are justified in dealing harshly with it, but consider that getting out will lead to a huge fist fight with everyone there.  So in the case above, the driver is well positioned to simply drive away.  If the bad guy was in front of the car, hitting him with a floored gas pedal will stop him from trying to break in with the baseball bat.

Breaking the glass on your car leads to one of two things.  The car being flipped over and set ablaze, or the occupants being assaulted by the mob.  I cannot stress enough that the moment the delay of your day turns into a violent militant liberal mob, you must get out of there and if that means driving over an entire line of them then that is what it means.

Here is a view into our past, and what can happen to you if you allow your vehicle to be surrounded and breached.

The GO-Bag.  Keep a Go-Bag with you in the vehicle.  This is not some Boy Scout overnight bag.  Some good things to add.  Extra pistol and many magazines.  Flashlight, Medical kit to treat fight injuries, water, an OC grenade or at the minimum, a smoke grenade (the kind used for signaling, but which will create sufficient confusion for you to leave.

Dismounting and Abandoning.  Keep valuables on your person so there will be no hesitation to abandon the vehicle if necessary.  The smoke grenades will be useful here.  Also, if you have protectees with you (wife, kids, etc.) your level of violence will have to escalate drastically since they will not be able to move as easily as you alone in the event of a vehicle dismount under assault.  If you can avoid such a thing by driving over every single protestor there, do it since your family is worth more than every single protesting snowflake in America.  But once a crowd gets violent, if you have to abandon the vehicle out of necessity, everyone in that mob is an enemy and you are the start of the zombie invasion.  This is where the 12 gauge shotgun rules the world.

Remember, we live in a time of war and steps need to be taken to prevail.  Those who want to deny this can do so, but reality will not change for those who refuse to accept it.

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