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The months-long protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline has just come to a head on Thursday.

Police and protesters clashed over disputed territory near the pipeline’s path, on Native American tribal land, seized by the government.

CNN reports the following:

North Dakota authorities started removing roadblocks protesters set up to demarcate a camp that they say is located on tribal land.

Protesters set up teepees, tents and other structures on Sunday to set down roots for a “winter camp.”

But authorities say they are trespassing and brought in police in riot gear to forcibly remove protesters from what they say is private property.

State authorities called in reinforcements from seven other states to help, North Dakota Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Cecily Fong said. As of Thursday afternoon, about 100 protesters remained.

“Protesters escalated unlawful behavior this weekend by setting up illegal roadblocks, trespassing onto private property and establishing an encampment (actions that) forced law enforcement to respond at this time,” Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier stated.

The conflict between police and protesters originates from the ongoing construction of the 1,172-mile pipeline that will threaten the environment and destroy Native American burial sites, prayer sites and culturally significant artifacts.

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