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The supermoon this weekend was a sight to behold for those who were able to witness it.  The December 3 full moon reached its point of perigee, a distance of around 224,000 miles from Earth. But that put some on edge, and many believe NASA is lying about the moon.

A bizarre video uploaded to YouTube by user RitchieFromBoston, claims to contain evidence that the Moon is much closer to Earth than NASA claims.  The video claims that the moon is actually less than 4.7 miles away from Earth. The conspiracy video kicks off with Ritchie peddling theories about chemtrail sprays before shifting his attention to the Moon.  “They’re lying to us. Do not believe NASA because they are lying about our entire origin,” he said.

Claiming to use a Nikon P900 digital camera, he zooms in all the way on the Moon, exposing every bump and crater on its surface.  “See this video that I’m taking right now? I am clearly in the daytime and am zooming in on the Moon. Let’s watch this again. In the daylight, I am zooming right in on the Moon – no problem with a Nikon P900. And I can zoom in even further than that, and I believe I will. There it is. You can literally see what looks to be stars shining right through it,” he said.

Ritchie then promptly cuts to a view of the Boston skyline across from what appears to be Charles River. Further demonstrating his “evidence” he uses the same camera to zoom in on the Prudential Tower in Back Bay, which he claims is only 4.7 miles away from his home.  “Here we go, here we go, here we go. Prudential building,” he says.

“You can almost read it cause it says Prudential right there. And there you go.  My camera is totally maxed out. I apologize for the shakiness but when you’re zoomed out 2,000mm, the camera is shaky. Now let’s watch me zoom in on the Moon which is 200-plus thousand miles away, and I’m trying to film the Moon through an incredibly heavy atmosphere which they’re spraying in front of my eyes.”

Dr. Greg Brown at the Royal Observatory Greenwich explained: “Our Moon travels the Earth on an orbit that takes 27.3 days to complete. That orbit isn’t perfectly circular – it’s slightly elliptical. “And that means that at certain times during the orbit, the moon is slightly closer to the Earth than at other times. A full moon or a new moon which occurs during the closest point in this orbit is known as a supermoon.”

Others who disagree say that Ritchie is failing to take into account the size of the moon in comparison to that of the Prudential Tower.

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