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CNN, MSNBC: Climate Change Caused Hurricane Harvey (VIDEO) | msnbc-climate-change-hurricane-harvey | Environment Global Warming Fraud Mainstream Media Multimedia Propaganda

CNN and MSNBC have been working double time to turn the Hurricane Harvey disaster into a conversation about climate change.

“12 years ago was Katrina. We’ve now had three storms in 12 years that were as bad as this,” The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza said on CNN. “A lot of Democrats will be saying, you know, climate change is actually…this is the kind of flooding you would predict based on the climate change models.”

CNN host John Berman pressured a Republican congressman to blame the disaster on climate change, asking if hurricanes are “really just a part of life.”

“Is this something that’s just a part of life?” Berman asked, claiming he didn’t want to “get into the politics of climate change.”

“Is this something the federal and local government need to have a bigger conversation about?” he pressed.

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