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In the months leading up the 2016 election, daily WikiLeaks dumps repeatedly exposed CNBC’s John Harwood as nothing more than a pawn of the Hillary Clinton campaign who constantly behaved like a subservient puppy who would stop at nothing to garner his master’s love and affection (see our posts on the topic here and here).  And while the embarrassment of being exposed as a complete fraud would be sufficient motivation for most people to actually start performing their jobs with some level of integrity, John Harwood is apparently immune to the side effects of public humiliation that afflict the masses.

As the latest testament to his extreme impartiality as CNBC’s chief Washington Correspondent, Harwood sent out the following tweet storm aimed at all of “those making [the] silly argument that Obama hurt [the] Democratic Party” to confirm, once and for all, that “white fear” (aka racism) was responsible for democratic losses in Congress under Obama’s leadership and not his failed policies

If true, perhaps Mr. Harwood could explain to us why the “racist” and “angry” white people of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania voted for Obama by margins of 10-20 points in 2008 before suddenly turning on Democrats in 2016?  Did those people who voted overwhelmingly for the first black President in U.S. history in 2008 suddenly become racists over the course of 8 years?  Or, is it just maybe possible that those people were disappointed that Obama’s “Hope and Change” rhetoric turned out to be nothing more than a pretty speech by yet another superficial politician?

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