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by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I cannot condone Trump’s recent statements regarding his attitude and behavior towards women. I believe that what we heard was locker room talk, which is usually characterized by exaggerated, alpha male bragging which is not usually representative of the truth. However, when it becomes public, it is looked at in a different and more serious light.

The question that America has to ask itself is whether or not an inappropriate comment made 11 years ago more important than the serial and sociopathic criminality of Hillary Clinton?

Trump’s Crisis with Words

From NBC

Pence cancels event, says he’s ‘offended’ by Trump comments

Many Republicans are running from Trump and in ordinary times, who could blame them? However, we need to consider the following:

Clinton’s Actions Speak Louder Than Trump’s Words


A former key member of the Obama administration and current Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has proven herself to be the Ethel Rosenberg of her generation. You may recall your U.S. history as Ethel Rosenberg sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. In an act every bit as egregious as Ethel Rosenberg’s treason, Hillary Clinton sold uranium to the Russians while serving as the Secretary of State. Ironically, the original source on this treasonous act committed by Clinton was none other than the liberal rag we call the New York Times.

The proof is undeniable that Hillary Clinton committed the treasonous act of selling uranium to the Russians while Secretary of State, as reported in the New York Times. The Russian blood money, as reported, is being held in an offshore account and is being used to fund her run for the Presidency.

From the New York Times….

“A Uranium One sign that points to a 35,000 acre ranch by John Christensen, near the town of Gillette, Wyoming. Uranium One has the mining rights Mr. Christensen’s property.” This is proof of more BLM chicanery which will involve multiple BLM ranches.

The New York Times further asserts that members of the Canadian mining industry, who have supported Clinton’s campaign, financed and sold off to the Russians a company known as Uranium One. Uranium One is directly responsible for transferring uranium from BLM land to the Russians through an off-shore holding company. Again, according to the NY Times, the Russians, through three separate transactions, acquired Uranium One, while paying off the Clinton’s and their Canadian partners from 2009-2013. The business deal also involved paying Bill Clinton $500,000 dollars for a speech on energy which was delivered in Moscow.


Oh By the Way

“IMPORTANT: A video on YouTube entitled “Arianna Zuker 2005 Soaptalk oart 1” shows Arianna Zuker ( the women Trump made the comments about) saying that SHE HIT ON THE DONALD! “I DID FLIRT WITH THE DONALD. HE IS SO CUTE AND CHARMING.” She talks about Donald at the 5:40 mark. This does not excuse Trump’s remarks, but it places them in a different context, and not in the context intended by Clinton who released the tape.

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