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By B.N. Frank

While I read a recent article published by Natural Blaze, “Could Wireless Radiation Be Ruining Sex?”, I couldn’t stop thinking about when Shagadelic film character, Austin Powers, realizes he had lost his mojo.  For those familiar with the film series, we eventually learn that Austin’s mojo wasn’t actually lost – it was stolen by his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil.

Dr. Evil:  “Austin Powers always defeats me because he has mojo.”

Number 2:  “Mojo?”

Dr. Evil:  “Mojo.  The libido.  The life force.  The essence.  The right stuff.  What the French call a certain, “I don’t know what.”

According to many experts, the brain is actually the most powerful sex organ – not our private parts. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7, 8)  Unfortunately, all sources of wireless radiation disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak.  Exposure can also kill brain cells.  So doesn’t it seem possible that WiFi could eventually steal your mojo, my mojo, and everybody else’s mojo?

Of course, not everybody’s blood-brain barrier may be disrupted enough to cause a loss of desire.  However, the rest of our bodies – including our private parts – might actually be disrupted enough to eliminate or at least reduce the ability to perform and/or experience much if any pleasure from sexual intimacy.  Research has already proven that harm isn’t just about thermal damage.  Exposure can cause SO MANY unpleasant and unwanted conditions (including cancer) that even insurance companies don’t want to do business with wireless companies anymore.  Regardless – even if your mojo is still working but your loved one’s isn’t, you may want to consider wireless radiation exposure as a possible culprit.  Yeah, Baby, Yeah.

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