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Oath Keepers,

You are needed to attend the 2nd Amendment rally in your state capitol this Saturday, April 14.   We have posted about those rallies and we have sent out emails about it, but I want you to know that this is not just an announcement, letting you know about these rallies.  It is also a call to action.   It is critical that we show up and stand next to our brother and sister gun owners this Saturday so we can let the nation know that we will stand up for our right to bear arms.

Please make sure your boots are on the ground at the rally in your state.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans

Oath Keepers are attending these events all over the country.
If you know of other patriotic groups that would be interested, please let them know.
Bring your friends and neighbors!
Most of the rallies are at the State Capitols.

Much more information at the link below, including info for each state.

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