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In what can only be described as a pattern, Theresa May softened her stance on BREXIT today, in her strongest rhetoric to date — clearly shilling for the British business lobby who’d rather be caught dead in a gay brothel than have to endure the pangs of BREXIT.

Source: Reuters

Asked about business calls for a transitional deal, she said: “We want to get the arrangement that is going to work best for the UK and the arrangement that is going to work best for business in the UK.”
“I am conscious that there will be issues that need to be looked at … that people don’t want a cliff edge, they want to know with some certainty how things are going to go forward, that will be part of the work that we do in terms of the negotiation.”
Her spokeswoman later said: “There are a whole range of issues that are being worked through as we prepare for the negotiations, with a focus of looking at how we get the best deal for the UK.”

As such, the pound is ripping to the upside, now higher by a little more than 1.2%.

BREXIT means BREXIT, until it doesn’t.

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