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 During a rally for his wife in Wisconsin, a heckler called Bill Clinton a rapist.

True enough, and well documented, most recently by Juanita Broaddrick. Donald Trump wasted little time tweeting on the sordid affair to score political points against his rival, Hillary Clinton.

The pain suffered by Bill Clinton’s victims—the list is long—should not be downplayed. However, Clinton is responsible for far more horrendous crimes rarely if ever mentioned.

He’s a top-notch war criminal.

Clinton followed in the footsteps of his predecessor—George H. W. Bush, responsible for the first invasion of Iraq—by keeping brutal medieval sanctions on that country in place. All told, over three million Iraqis died as a result of sanctions that spanned three US administrations. The genocidal sanctions directly violated the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and its Additional Protocol 1 of 1977.

By 1999 the sanctions resulted in more than one million Iraqi children under five suffering chronic malnutrition and around 4,000-5,000 children dying per month beyond normal death rates from the combination of malnutrition and disease. Due to shortages of potable water and medicine, Iraq experienced a 20-fold increase in malaria. Other preventable diseases also ravaged the country, at one time the most advanced in the Arab Middle East.

Clinton’s secretary of state, Madeline Albright, told CBS News in 1996 she thought the sanctions and the death of 560,000 Iraqi children was a price worth paying.

Not only did Bill Clinton starve and deny humanitarian aid to Iraq, he also attacked the country. On June 26, 1993, he sent cruise missiles into Baghdad in retaliation for an alleged yet unproven plot by Saddam Hussein to assassinate George H. W. Bush.

“Eight Iraqi civilians, including the distinguished Iraqi artist Layla al-Attar were killed in the raid, and 12 more were wounded. This kind of unilateral action in response to an unproven charge is a violation of international law,” writes Edward S. Herman.

In 1998 he bombed Afghanistan and Sudan, killing an unknown number of people. The target in Sudan was a pharmaceutical factory that was a major source of medical drugs. Clinton said the factory produced chemical weapons, but there was no evidence or a demonstrable connection to Osama bin Laden, as claimed.

The following year Clinton teamed up with NATO to bomb Yugoslavia. The bombing raids lasted for seventy-eight days. 20,000 tons of explosives were dropped, killing upwards of three thousand men, women, children.

Liberals cheered Clinton on.

“All this was done out of humanitarian concern for Albanians in Kosovo-or so we were told. Many of the liberals, progressives, and other leftists of various ideological leanings who opposed President George W. Bush’s destruction of Iraq (rightly so) were the same people who supported President Bill Clinton’s destruction of Yugoslavia,” writes Michael Parenti.

Clinton also supported the brutal Indonesian dictator Suharto, responsible for genocides in Indonesia, East Timor, and West Papua. In Indonesia alone, Suharto orchestrated the murder of 500,000 people. In 1990 the House Intelligence Committee investigated the CIA’s role in the Indonesian coup and the mass murder of thousands. The CIA had compiled lists of communists and other activists to be exterminated.

During a visit by Suharto to Washington in 1995, the Clinton administration described him as “our kind of guy.”

None of this is newsworthy. Instead, we are subjected to Clinton’s sexual dalliances and alleged rapes, activity that pales in comparison to mass murder and war crimes.

The establishment propaganda media intentionally hides the war crimes of the global elite and their political assets, knowing full well the public is far more interested in tawdry sex scandals and other necessary distractions.

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