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October 18, 2016   |   Jake Anderson

(ANTIMEDIA) – Vermonters who still “feel the Bern” on November 8th may provide enough write-in votes for Bernie Sanders to hand him the state’s three electoral votes. It would be the first time in history for a write-in candidate to win a state in the general election. With Bernie’s indefatigable popularity in Vermont and Google searches for ‘write-in’ candidates at an all-time high, there is a legitimate chance of this transpiring.

Sanders does not want this to happen, of course. After losing to Hillary Clinton in a fiery, controversial primary, the senator threw his full support behind Clinton and has not wavered. Meanwhile, several other candidates besides Clinton and Donald Trump could hypothetically win enough electoral votes to reach the magic number of 270. Libertarian Gary Johnson; Green Party candidate Jill Stein; Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle; Reform Party candidate Rocky De La Fuente; independent Laurence Kotlikoff; and independent Evan McMullin are on the ballot in enough states.

There is approximately a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening, but the election could see a record number of third party, independent, and write-in votes, including the likes of Deez Nuts, Vermin Supreme, and a “Darth Vader” from Spokane, Washington.

Incredibly, there is also a chance that McMullin could win Utah. The independent is polling at 22 percent, just four points behind Clinton and Trump, who are tied at 26%.

Vermont is one of seven states — along with Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Oregon — that allows its voters to write in anyone for president. It is also one of the states in which Google searches for ‘write-in’ have spiked.

In an election featuring the two most disliked candidates in history, we could very well see some historically bizarre electoral results.

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