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Markets are forward looking indicators. Over the past 8 years, the market kept pricing in central bank rigging, rightly so. From the BOJ to the ECB to our Fed, central banks showed a keen willingness to boost asset prices since the financial crisis in 2008 — helping reflate equities and keep Humpty Dumpty together. What Trump is talking about is totally different — a return to American greatness, something that resonates with just about all Americans — because everyone loves a fairytale.

Whether he can pull it off or not is immaterial as of today. All people care about now is the future and how bright it looks. Gone are the dreary days of being beholden to Fed speeches, listening to ugly people in bad clothes discuss our future. These new plans that Trump has outlined paints a colorful picture of an American renaissance — high paying jobs for all, affordable healthcare, strong military, strong borders — peace.

At some point in life, you start figuring out mostly everything you knew was bullshit, smoke and mirrors, parlour tricks, a delightful game of three card monte until the end. People want to believe. Trump is a superb salesman, probably the best you’ve ever seen — because you don’t see him coming. At times he sounds off the cuff, petulant, and unrehearsed — drawing jeers from professional losers. That’s likely done with purpose. You don’t see him coming, a yet here he is worth $10b and President of the United States.

The market is the sum total of hope, the expectations of the masses, an endless parry betwixt by fear and greed.
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