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Feuer and Beck aren’t “anti-gun per se. As long as they control them, they like all kinds of guns just fine. (Mike Feuer/Facebook)

“Arizona gun laws in L.A.? It could happen,” an editorial in The Los Angeles Times penned by L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck warns.

“Two bills stacked with legislative sponsors — HB 38 in the House, SB 446 in the Senate — would override our state’s longstanding rules governing who is allowed to carry a concealed, loaded firearm in public,” Feuer and Beck explain. “These bills, both called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, would dictate that if a person can carry a concealed weapon in any state, that person could carry it everywhere in America. This should be a call to action for all Californians concerned about keeping their families safe.”

And why would that be?

“In addition to jeopardizing public safety, concealed carry reciprocity would endanger the lives of law enforcement,” they lie. “The mere presence of more concealed weapons on California streets would make police work here much more hazardous.”

Yes, I wrote “lie.” First by employing the loaded term “dictate,” as if their “right” to usurp powers is being infringed. And that “blood in the streets/Dodge City over fender benders” hysteria has been used by the gun-grabbers every time a state has considered adopting “shall issue” permitting laws. It not only doesn’t come true, leading honest LEOs to admit they were wrong for opposing it, it also increases the sampling size to where objectively, another inconvenient truth becomes apparent.

Per economist and author John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center:

“Permits have been revoked for firearms-related violations at rates of thousandths of one percentage point. Civilian permit holders are less likely than police officers to be convicted of a firearms violation.”

Motes and beams, Charlie…

In true Opposite Day fashion, Feuer’s and Beck’s “progressive” stance is actually one desperately clinging to the past to maintain L.A.s “may issue” permit system. That generally means “may not” as far as commoners are concerned, ensuring the only non-law enforcement citizens allowed to “legally” carry are well-connected political elites and celebrities.

It’s hardly a surprise. Feuer (whom I’ve taken to calling “Der”) has a long history of in-your-face harassment of gun owners. He doesn’t much care for freedom of expression or private property rights, either (no one thinks it’s just about guns, do they?). Years back, when he was floating a requirement to provide thumbprints to buy ammo, a group of us sent him a fingerprint instead, and invited him to guess which one.

Beck, like his “Only Ones” predecessors and counterparts, also has a long history of supporting citizen disarmament. One of his favorite tricks apparently, because he seems to do it repeatedly at so-called “gun buybacks,” is to drag out an inert expended tube and convince an easily-impressed media that his efforts are KEEPING ROCKET LAUNCHERS OFF THE STREETS!!!

What’s evident is that both of these creatures have taken an oath to the Constitution and that true law enforcement, as practiced by Oath Keepers, means refusing unlawful orders and upholding “the supreme Law of the Land.”  .

That Beck and Feuer instead subvert it and do everything in their power to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms proves them to be oath breakers of the lowest order.


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