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Beat YouTube Censorship -Regulation Trap (VIDEO) | google | Free Speech Internet Censorship Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

By: Barry Soetoro

HOW do you beat YouTube?

NOT by demanding “more regulation” from the same Regime censoring the web! Don’t fall into that TRAP.

Google is an arm of the US Government — and they’ve been instructed to kill Free Speech.

But their schemes keep failing — so their new tactic is CHAOS. By causing problems for video makers and blogs, CIA and their bosses at the Federal Reserve trick folks into demanding “Net Neutrality” and “more regulation.”

Where will that “regulation” come from? George Soros and McCain — the same blackmailed DC crooks running this scam.

WEB ID failed. False Flags failed. So now, the Regime is trying ONE MORE TRICK to steal your Free Speech. But there is a real solution…….

YouTube = Censorship.


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