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The only use I have for Libertarians is the amusement I derive from them being contrarian just for the fuck of it. That is a luxury we cannot afford now.

If Trump wasn’t for real, all the RINOS, all the press people, all these other various & sundry establishment types wouldn’t be flying off the goddamn handle like they have been ever since he announced his campaign.  I’ve never seen anything like this, ever, and I’ve been paying attention since Carter/Reagan.

WTF you think they’re faking this to cover up some nefarious deal they have with Trump? The one .999 fine certainty we can take away from this is that the same people who oppose Trump are the same exact people who are Part Of The Problem. They know he’s serious about taking them out because not only is there no one else pulling his strings, as a self-made billionaire there are no strings for someone else to pull.

You may doubt Trump’s sincerity, and at times I have too. But all his enemies, old and new? They sure as hell don’t. And that’s why he needs to win. 

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