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By Daniel Taylor

Trump issues executive order on AI.

Trump’s statement says that AI “…must also be developed in a way that does not compromise our American values, civil liberties, or freedoms.”

As President Trump takes the United States on its first steps into the artificial intelligence arms race, it is depending on advice and assistance from the very entities that threaten freedom worldwide.

Trump’s executive order, signed on Monday, will advance research into AI,

The initiative focuses Federal Government resources toward developing AI technology and ensuring that the next great AI inventions are made in the United States.

Former Google exec Eric Schmidt was recently appointed as chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Google, IBM and Apple have all indicated that they are willing to submit – and have already – to Chinese government regulations in order to operate in the communist country.

The Pentagon is seeking to work with Big Tech to advance AI research.

As reported by Wired,

“The plan depends on the Pentagon working closely with the tech industry to source the algorithms and cloud computing power needed to run AI projects. Federal contracting records indicate that Google, Oracle, IBM, and SAP have signaled interest in working on future Defense Department AI projects.”

Google’s censored search engine “Dragonfly” has stirred controversy across the world.

AI is the “ring of power” that is being greedily sought after by nations. Multiple experts have warned that it holds unpredictable and catastrophic danger.

As the AI arms race quickens, President Trump has not yet addressed the major issue of Big Tech censorship. With the advance of AI technology, the ability to censor free speech will accelerate exponentially.

This article was sourced from Old-Thinker News.

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