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Today’s hearings were illuminating, in that it shed some light on the mental ailments affecting the democratic party leadership, with regards to pursuing fictitious Russian conspiracy theories, attempting to justify how Hillary Clinton lost to a political upstart — Donald Trump — and his handy-dandy twitter account.

Here are three videos that gracefully encapsulate today’s hearings, all amounting to public shame and humiliation for Democratic leaders. To think, with all of the actual criminals running about the country, such as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, they felt it was important to drag the acting AG to the Senate to question him in a public setting to prove ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

AG Sessions opening statement.

Sen. Heinrich accuses AG Sessions of hiding behind DOJ rules.

AG Sessions and Sen. Wyden have a heated exchange.

And here is the grande finale, Sen. Cotton mocks and ridicules the ongoing Russian hysteria, comparing it to a ‘fantastical’ spy novel. This invoked a stern response from Sessions, saying ‘it’s like through the looking glass. I mean what is this?’, referring to Alice in Wonderland, meaning ‘strange’ or ‘Twilight Zone.’

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