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With regards to the latest mass shooting at the concert in Vegas on Sunday night – our condolences to the family and friends of those killed. To those that were injured, to the first responders and medical personnel that had to deal with triage and treatment in the face of this carnage and to the rest of my fellow citizens who wait for some light (and truth) to be shed on the matter; our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. It is a truly a time of testing.

If you’ve attempted to track the various videos (before they’re taken down) that have been posted by the concert goers, cabbies and coppers that were in and around the scene; the only clear picture that emerges is the masses’ propensity to suffer from normalcy bias – “Everything is okay, bad things only happen to OTHER people.”

The mishmash of conjecture and conspiracy theory is enough to make the head spin. The following have been stated as fact or reigned back in as the investigation continues: Multiple shooting sites (no, just the one), Multiple shooters? Time will tell (or not). Explosives in his vehicle (tanerite or ammonium nitrate?). Antifa literature in his room? Was the room rented or comped? Off-duty police officer or security guard makes initial contact? Were they wounded or killed? Entry team kills the shooter (no, he committed suicide). He was firing an automatic weapon (or was it a bump stock?). The list of details and disinformation isn’t the story. The story, as we will be led to believe by the lame stream media, is about how vulnerable we are and how dangerous those bad old guns are.

Even after most of the concert goers had crouched in place, aware that something was amiss; a handful remained upright, apparently trying to figure out where the “fireworks” were coming from. The musicians seemed to figure it out fairly early on and moved rapidly to cover. Was it because they were good ole’ country boys that knew the difference between fireworks and gunfire or was it because of their perspective, as they faced the opposite direction of their fans? I don’t know about you, but I give backfiring cars and trucks plenty of respect until I’ve sorted it out. And yes, it usually entails moving to cover.

The concert goers remained clueless for a period of time, making no attempt to seek cover or concealment. Initial reactions mainly consisted of crouching in place (in the open) until the wounded screamed out on pain and bodies began to hit the floor. You have to admit – the desire to avoid being killed or maimed can be a pretty good motivator once it kicks in. Up to that point the – “bad things only happen to other people” mentality was in full display.

As Oath Keepers, our desire to live free and remain secure in our persons, places and things resonates with most all of us to the point of DOING something about it – namely going armed wherever we roam – not because we hate, but because we LOVE – not because we are ANTI anything, but because we are FOR things that we hold to be sacred. Most of us have offered our lives as the collateral for the sacred pledges that we took. We love our families, our friends and the principles we stand for (or fall on) and revere our moral obligation to preserve them to the extent of assuring their continuance and safety by going armed everywhere. It is a right and because of our training, it is our duty. And because of our ability; it is an honor.

Now, would it have made a difference if everyone at that concert had been armed? Fact: none whatsoever. That’s one of the reasons why it was chosen as a target. Fact: that group of God and Country lovin’ conservatives were fish in a barrel, twenty thousand plus strong in number, shoulder to shoulder in an open-air venue. Conjecture: they were collateral damage on the Globalist’s altar. Purpose: cause enough outrage at our vulnerability to cause/force a knee-jerk reaction – we’ve gotta do something!

For those of us that have been on the giving or receiving end of gunfire (and depending on our travels), another thing emerges from the available videos – the acoustic signature of not ONE, but seemingly THREE different caliber weapons and very nearly simultaneously! I anxiously await the surgeons and ME’s findings after their having dug slugs out of the living and the dead, but I think we’re going to find three different calibers- 5.56, 7.62 X 51 and 7.62 X 39. A couple of my associates are of the same opinion. I would like to say – the truth will out…but given how things have progressed (or sadly, have not); I’m gonna hafta go with BOHICA. In the advancement of sinister agendas; Truth is the first casualty.

Yes, a number of weapons were photographed in this dead Hillary lovers suite on the 32nd floor, but that doesn’t explain the muzzle flashes and synchronized reports coming from the 4th floor which were videotaped by a cabbie who was directly in front of the hotel, by several concert goers at the venue, and which were also reported by police.

This would be the perfect time for everyone to review the ten orders that we, as Oath Keepers will NOT obey. You see, there’s a big difference between TAKING an oath and actually HONORING it. I’ll leave you with the take away from Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. 137, 176 – “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” I’ll translate – repugnant means incompatible, abhorrent. Null and void (an idiom as it means the same thing) translates – without value, effect or consequence.

Inaction has allowed many of these repugnant laws to be enacted.

Inaction IS an action.

Both have consequences.

Photo credit:  Candlelight vigil at Town Square to remember those killed and injured –  Gina Ferazzi – Tns

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