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It’s always darkest before the dawn. During Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, CA, antifags attended and started to rabble rouse — spraying old men in the face with pepper spray, acting like reprobate vagabonds — deserving of the stick.

Then out of nowhere, like the Phoenix rising out from the ash, a superhero appeared — smashing antifags in the heads for sport and pleasure — casting them back into their pits of hell.

BEHOLD, the Stick Man.

And here’s another video of his greatness — this time slowed down for dramatic effect.

Heretofore, let this be a lesson to you leftarded anarchists out there trying to spoil all of the fun: stick man is out there, watching you, waiting to bash your brains in with his glorious stick.


UPDATE: the antifags are free to destroy and punch people in the face at will, without police interference in Berkeley. Defend yourself and your friends, like the Stick Man, and go straight to jail. He’s now facing multiple felonies.

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