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The mainstream media has orchestrating a month-long propaganda blitz to convince the American people that “Russian hackers,” led by Vladimir Putin, stole the election from Hillary Clinton.  They endlessly quoted “anonymous sources” from inside the CIA, while never actually presenting a single shred of tangible evidence, to advance their narrative.

But, in an epic illustration of just how little credibility the mainstream media has, despite their best efforts, over 70% of the American public still doesn’t think Russia influenced the 2016 election. Per a new poll conducted by Morning Consult, only 29% of Americans feel they “know with near certainty that Russia is responsible” for the hacking of DNC and Podesta emails…of course, we would question how anyone could possibly know with “near certainty” given that no actual evidence has been presented but we’ll take their word for it.

Russia Influence

Not surprisingly, results were largely split along party lines with only 14% of Republicans attributing the election hacks to Russia versus 50% of Democrats. 

Meanwhile, “Democrats in Congress” won the prize for the “least trusted” group in Washington D.C. while the CIA, NSA and FBI are still viewed as credible organizations by nearly two-thirds of Americans…so much for Snowden’s efforts to reveal the massive illegal spy operations conducted by the NSA on pretty much every American citizen on a daily basis…no one seems to care much anymore.

Morning Consult Poll

So, does this story now qualify as “fake news” given that the mainstream media failed to present a single page of tangible evidence and 71% of Americans don’t believe it?

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