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The truth is deeper, Europe is no longer a civilised place, that’s why she cannot civilise the refugees…

wow, now that’s a tall call

first, you don’t make a difference between migrants and refugees. well, we think it’s civilized to make that difference

note in this that many of those terrorists that everybody talks about belong to the group of those migrants that were criminals in their own countries, fled to europe and continued to be low-life criminals… and are susceptible to money offers from those who want terror to continue and look out for cat’s paws

also note that a lot of the uncivilized behaviour we have read about in the last two years were from other migrants, like that mass-groping case in Cologne

refugees? one big thing about refugees is that their status depends from war in their countries. Afghanis in Germany, for example, are being deported back there because the German federal state took the decision that Afghanistan is now “safe enough”

you want us to get rid of refugees/asylum seekers? easy. stop those damn wars.

most of them are based on the US and Russia fighting each other in proxy-wars of and through their allies, be them Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, etc. etc.

to stop those wars, the US and Russia would have to collaborate… towards peace. be able to tell their allies that they can’t have all they want. and stop them fomenting more unrest, more revolutions, more destabilizations of order in other countries

but to come back to “wow, that’s a tall call”…

… wow, you really expect us to be able “to civilize” people coming here… inside a few months? or are we allowed to get a few years? or is it ok to have a generation or two? but this talk is again leading to nowhere because…

… you still don’t make the difference between migrants and refugees. aided by a press that does not care about anything except tailoring their offers to what the demand is: sensational, emotional articles gripping the belly, not the head. further aided by propaganda that pushes for more war, for example religious war against “dangerous religions”, or Brown People, or whatever is “cool” to target, at the moment

get rid of that warmongering, and… well, civilization starts there. the opposite of civilization is barbarism, where there is no difference between peace, civilized warfare and full-out-may-the-strongest-get-all-the-spoils warfare

don’t pretend to be able to tell us that we aren’t civilized enough… while pining for more barbarism, moar woar, much moar woar

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